Operating since 2014, always looking beyond the horizon. We are travel in all its forms and we make travel easy for our customers.

Waniya is a diverse company with an array of services offered and has a diverse culture. As the meaning WANIYA, we retain the values of Humanity, Honesty, Substance and Foresight.

Waniya is the most professional and reliable travel service provider in United Arab Emirates. We believe in delivering hassle free service and achieving client satisfaction for all eternity.

Regardless of the time frame we will meet clients’ travel requirements, provide warm and professional service at all times. Wherever you are in the world, contact Waniya and we will help you with any travel services.


Waniya Travel & Tourism L.L.C is located at most busiest place in Dubai, where peoples are moving throughout day (All National Mostly Philippines, Russian States, Chinese, Pakistani, Indian, Sri Lankan, Nepalese)

 Expect the Exceptional


Waniya Travel & Tourism L.L.C is a Partnership based professional Limited Liability Company. Our mission is to provide every client with the best product and service possible, combined with professionalism, integrity and value in a framework of responsible tourism.

Our Value


Together with tourism services in UAE, we also maintain Portfolios, having produced many successful meetings and incentives programs over the years. Our clients know that we are unmatched when it comes to our creativity, delivery and competitive services. Whether you are planning a special interest tour that showcases your subjects of interest, a high quality independent tour of UAE, or an incentive to WOW your associates or clients, we can offer you some of the most creative, best value, tailor made tours in UAE and neighboring countries. We strive to understand your requirements and demonstrate our love for UAE & Our Native Country by showing it to you in its true and authentic state. Moreover, the amazing diversity of UAE & Our Native country is always reflected in our colorful itineraries.

Our Strength

 We Creating Unique Itineraries & Tours Plane to Cool Destinations at competitive fares to over more than 1 Million Satisfied Customers Since 2014


Although our, Waniya Travel & Tourism L.L.C, Dubai- UAE, is new but very competitive. We will represent some of the finest inbound tour operators in the UAE and are proud of our reputation for excellence. If you are looking for a company that strives to understand your needs, then you can do nothing better than to contact us. We do hope we will have the pleasure of counting you as our partner.


Our Vision


If you like to travel, meet new people and enjoy a cultural experience and finest things in life, then you should call Waniya Travel & Tourism L.L.C.  We can offer you the finest in excellent travel arrangements. Since we are a highly experienced Travel Agent & tour operator, we can handle all of your travel needs. So don’t hesitate to contact us now to arrange your next vacation or business adventure. Travel is a true learning experience and story to share, memorizing names, dates and places will help you pass the exam, but will do little to broaden your horizons, and teach you about people and life. When you come in contact with inhabitants from foreign cultures you shed your subjective stereotypes and begin to view the world more objectively.


True understanding and cooperation is only achieved when individuals meet together in joint fellowship, and learn that they have more in common than they may have previously believed. This is especially true in the Middle East, where recalcitrant conflicts have thrived for centuries. Individuals oftentimes feel threatened by things which they do not understand, and then baseless hatred emerges. When people, whether they be of the Christian, Muslim, Hindu or any religious faith,  meet, converse and socialize, they transcend the pitfalls of worn-out stereotypes, and they no longer feel threatened by preconceived notions and the pitfalls of xenophobia. Safe travel and a well organized itinerary can lead to see what unseen


Be a Partner in progress with Waniya Travel and Tourism.


We highly encourage you to communicate with our team of professionals who is fully confident to make all your Travel & Tourism arrangement in a silk way. We will assure our services to fulfill the expectations for both of us round the clock.



“We believe that long term business relations generate more business.”