Fish Trading

Waniya is unique name for fish traders in the market with the highest quality standards. Our clientele are some of the most highly regarded properties and restaurants not just in the region, but in the world. Fish Buying patterns vary from country to country, depending on consumer habits, Waniya is able to adapt its fish trading to meet the individual needs of client and consumer. Waniya specializes in serving a variety of customers. We serve distributors with both small and large quantity orders, restaurants and retailers, and individual consumers.


Waniya is focusing on more than just one or two species of fish, we have become less susceptible to changes in market and landing conditions.

Secure fisheries, Secure futures

Waniya is committed to supply of responsibly sourced seafood. We believe we can supply our customers seafood needs without compromising the future health of our oceans fish.


We have the highest quality standards for supplying and distribution of our seafood products. We’re sourcing from only the highest quality fisheries, so you can enjoy delicious seafood, support environmentally and socially responsible practices and help keep our oceans thriving for years to come.